Is Michael Strange based on your experiences?

In the first book, All The Rage, I did indeed receive a telephone call, but from a solicitor asking me to value some work. I met up with a woman, like Lauren O’Neill but that is where the similarity ends.

Instead of staying and getting embroiled into Lauren’s affairs, I left and whilst driving home from the farm was what planted the seeds of the book in my mind.

Who are your favourite characters in the new book and your first book?

Michael Strange drives the story and of course I am very fond of him…however, who can resist a devious villain (or two)?

However, my favourite character is Kara, Michael’s sidekick, who is fiery and streetwise but vulnerable as well.  In all my novels I try to show the difference between dark and light, good and evil and it is fun to inhabit these worlds with colourful characters who bounce off each other.  Where they end up is anybody’s guess, but I like the ride!

Which Authors best influenced you?

Also, what are your favourite Authors, and your inspiration, also what drew you to this genre?

I was in my youth brought up on British authors’ such as Graham Greene, Alan Sillotoe, Neville Shute and Thomas Hardy. However, my interest in crime came with the American novel The Seven Deadly Sins by Lawrence Sanders, which really opened my eyes to the genre, and influenced me greatly.  Over the years, this American influence has intensified with my interest in Steven Spielberg (film), Neil Young and Jackson Browne (music)and Michael Connelly (novels).  However, it was the lyrical writing of Pat Conroy from Charleston that really hit the button.  Truly inspiring and I urge you to read his books.